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Rate my professor awards chili peppers based on the overall sum of all ratings kerrie head | the signal (original article here. Ratemyprofessors | more than 14 million student-generated comments ratings of over 13 million professors at over 7,000 schools. Rate my professor is a valuable tool in picking your coursesuse it wisely. Best professor ratings ever finish the semester and ask yourself, i wonder if there is a website where i could rate my professors so i could help future students. Once students click the rate my professor tab, they will be directed to the psu rate my professor page: http://wwwratemyprofessorscom/selectteacherjspsid=775. Ratemyprofessors @ratemyprofessor more than 19 million student-generated comments & ratings of over 17 million professors at over 7,500 schools.

Ask any college instructor about online professor-rating sites such as rate my professors, and she will insist that not only does she find the anonymou. By publishing their own student evaluations, colleges can help students become good consumers, says james d miller. Reading other people's reviews of you can be both frightening and enlightening several professors at the university of alabama recently experienced.

Ratemyprofessorscom (rmp) is a review site, founded in may 1999 by john swapceinski, a software engineer from menlo park, california, which allows college and. He skimmed through thousands of ratings of math professors at american universities on rate my professors kat chow/npr hide caption. If your school didn’t make this list, maybe it’s one of the site’s 2013-2014 “highest-rated universities” which is based on a school’s “professor.

356 j otto et al 2006 the numbers had risen to over 57 million ratings of about 770,000 professors in nearly 6000 schools (ratemyprofessor 2006a. Rate my professors has released the 2014 rankings for top professor of the year, hottest professor of the year and more. College reviews ™ by current and former students studentsreview ™ is the oldest and largest source uncensored and unbiased college reviews prospective students.

Is rmp all about professor bashing, or just the opposite rate my professors investigates. Texas employs over 461,984 teachers who oversee approximately 4,901,604 students students in texas submitted more than 241,994 teacher and professor ratings through. Over 15 million professors & 13 million opinions rate my professors is the best professor ratings source based on student feedback find & rate a professor.

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